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Our terms of service are straight forward, easy to read and easy to understand. We don’t think you should have to have a legal degree to understand our terms of service … but we do want you to be aware of the stipulations of utilizing Empeerean Hosting for your web site.

Particular types of offensive content not allowed on your Empeerean Hosting account.  Those content types include pornographic images and or descriptions, images and descriptions depicting or promoting illicit drug use, bomb making or other illegal and/or potentially violent or terroristic in nature, images or descriptions designed to degrade or insult individuals based on their race, religion, socio-economic profile, hair color, shoe size or number of hairs on their chiny chin chin.  Basically, be respectful of yourself and others and we will have no issues with your site.

Empeerean Hosting will be the sole judge of whether these rules have been violated.  There will be no “high authority” to appeal to, because frankly, there are lots of other hosting services in this world that will happily host your site regardless of the kind of “Crap” you have on your site.  If you want to have the kind of site that contains the above banned material, go to one of those other hosting services.

If you violate these rules, one of two things will happen (at our discretion):

  • If we think it is possible that you may have unintentionally included this kind of content in your site, you may receive a warning giving you a certain number of days to remove the content from your site.
  • We will disable your site and remove it from the web.  Any unused fees for hosting that were paid in advance will be forfeited to Empeerean Hosting as a penalty for violating the terms of service.