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Ten years ago, most individuals would not pursue their own blog. Having and running a blog required lots of time, technical knowhow and … guts.  If you weren’t a technical expert (or had access to one), you might as well forget it.

Today, you probably have at least one personal friend who regularly updates a blog. Over the past few years, it has become easier for individuals who were not technical experts (or have access to one) to have blogs that are truely awesome blogs.

Two types of bloggers

There are basically two types of bloggers …

  1. Those who want to share things about themselves with family and friends
  2. Those who want to make money

Sometimes those in category 1 move to category 2 … and it also happens that category 2 people move to category 1.  But in all cases, those who blog, have a platform to proclaim … whatever they want to proclaim!  Whether it is your fascination with little yellow beetles or moonshots, Chilean (or Chili) recipes or eco-friendly waste management techniques, not only can you put forth your ideas and experiences, you will likely find others who have the same interests.

Now most blogs are out there for one reason: to make money. And, the simple fact is, you can make money with blogs.  Now, most people will not make enough money from a blog to quit their jobs and go full time into “writing”, but there are those who do.  But blogs make money in other ways.

One of the best accepted (and more advanced) ways of doing SEO these days is to create mini-blogs that reference posts on your site.  Most of these blogs are Web 2.0 blogs, like those that come from Squidoo, Blogger, etc., which cost nothing to set up, but don’t give you much in the way of a web presence either.  However, if you just have one blog, you probably aren’t doing everything you could be doing to raise your profile in the search engines.

Advice on Blogging for non-techies


Recent studies suggest that nearly two-thirds of all websites on the planet use WordPress as their platform. OK, stop just a minute and think about that fact. Why is that?  Because it is easy to use, easy to update and makes great looking websites.  Did you know you can even set up your blog so that you can email a new article to your blog and it will post it automatically?  That is just one of the many awesome features of WordPress.  And because of the huge momentum this mass of users causes, there are free plugins for WordPress that will do practically anything you want to make it do.

Does that mean that WordPress is the BEST technology in the world for making web sites?  Probably not.  The best product rarely wins.  Was Microsoft Windows better than Mac? No. But, virtually everyone had a windows machine. And that meant that there was more software, addons, etc., for Windows than there were for Macs.  Now, I don’t want to rekindle this old debate.  I am just pointing out that there are huge advantages to using software that has a huge user base.

Empeerean Hosting makes blogging easy

When you get ready to start a blog … or move you blog to a better hosting provider, consider Empeerean Hosting. Empeerean Hosting can help to make whatever you want to blog about … enjoyable. You won’t have to worry about tech, but you can still have a full-featured blog … because Empeerean Hosting takes care of all the technical issues … including email with your blog URL like … so you don’t have to know anything about it.

You won’t have to worry about using the software … because you get free video training on WordPress through Info Enclave with every blogging package. And, if you want to make money with your blog, Info Enclave has training on that as well!  And … free graphics, free themes … everything you need!

So, what’s the downside?  Ok, it costs $10 (actually less than that) per month.  OK … but if you try it and like it … that’s pretty cheap!  And to make it even more affordable, watch the Empeerean Hosting web site, Facebook  page and Twitter to get discounts that we offer on a regular basis.

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