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Empeerean Hosting is a division of Empeerean, a cloud computing company founded in 2010.

Empeerean was founded on the idea that all businesses need availability to the same kinds of technologies that Big Business has been leveraging for the past decade.  The fact that small businesses haven’t had the resources and knowhow to employ the latest in technology has changed the business climate in the United States. Big Business has been able to reduce their costs and increase their profits through the usage of technology, but it has been difficult for small business to afford the same kinds of technological efficiencies.  Empeerean is determined to help solve that inequity.

All Empeerean companies are “virtual companies”, meaning that we don’t put money into facilities. With today’s “connected world”, the old business model of having all employees report to a centralized office is no longer necessary for many types of businesses.  Virtualizing our operations allows us to keep our costs low, allowing us to offer our services at prices that are surprisingly low. It also give us employees who are highly motivated as they have flexible work schedules and most work from their own homes.

Empeerean Hosting and the Empeerean Family of companies pledge to:

  • Provide small businesses with the best in technology at an affordable price
  • Do whatever we can to help small businesses be successful
  • Value our relationships with our customers more than the profit they generate
  • Operate with integrity and ethics in everything we do, to the glory of God

Will Empeerean always be perfect in everything we do?  No.  We are a company run by human beings, with all our flaws and failings.  However, we will, at all times, strive to be the persons that God created us to be and bathe all corporate decisions in Prayer and Study.

If you are interested in discussing our life perspective, drop us a line at perspective@empeereanhosting.com.

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